AE4000A 13101550 OTDR Module

AE4000A 1310/1550 OTDR Module

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The AE4000 series of OTDR modules are the latest modules to be added to the FC-1 family. The FC-1 platform is Deviser’s newest modular platform with
advanced technologies that host a wide-range of test and measurement modules. In addition to the OTDR module, the FC-1 supports Ethernet and
Transport modules, making FC-1 the only instrument required for testing from physical layer to service layer of emerging (or next generation) networks.
The OTDR modules cover a variety of dynamic ranges, satisfying a wide range of testing needs from PON to long haul networks. Its 8 hours of
battery operation, allows the user to test all day without stopping to charge its batteries. The FC-1 is the ideal solution of field operation due to its
durable, flexible and expandable design.


Key Benefits

• The flexible FC-1 modular platform enables AE4000 OTDR
module to be combined with other test modules to expand test
application without investing in additional platforms.
• The user is able to detect the end of a jumper cable with its
minimum dead zone of < 0.8m
• Easy to use graphical interface shortens learning curve
• One button auto test simplifies setup to quickly detect faults
• User friendly touch screen operation
• Fast storage function and one-button operation for saving results.
• Unique mini menu allows quick and convenient operation of
result review

Model Wavelength Dynamic Range(dB) Event Dead Zone (m) Attenuation DZ (m)
AE4000A ۱۳۱۰/۱۵۵۰ ۳۷/۳۵ ۰٫۸ ۵
AE4000B ۱۳۱۰/۱۵۵۰ ۴۰/۳۸ ۰٫۸ ۴٫۵
Measurement Time Customized
Distance Accuracy ±(۰٫۷۵m +0.0005 % Distance +Sampling Resolution)
Attenuation Accuracy ±۰٫۰۰۲dB
Loss Threshold ۰٫۰۱dB
Loss Resolution ۰٫۰۰۱dB
Distance Resolution ۰٫۰۵m-12.8m
Linearity ۰٫۰۳dB/dB
Sampling Points ۲۵۶۰۰۰
Data Storage >10000
Optical Adapter FC/PC, SC/PC
Battery Lithium Rechargeable Battery, Input < 4hours, Output > 10hours
Operating Temperature -۱۰°C~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -۴۰°C ~ 70°C
Relative Humidity ۰%-۹۵%
Weight (Module) ۲٫۳kg (0.35kg)
SC/PCAdapter ۱
Package Bag ۱
Test Report ۱
Quick Operation Manual ۱

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