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PROLITE-77B – FTTH ANALYSER & SELECTIVE OPM از محصولات فوق العاده قدرتمند شركت PROMAX ميباشد. درصورت نياز به اين محصول تماس بگيريد. جهت مشاهده مشخصات اين محصول به بخش توضيحات مراجعه نمائيد.


Professional measurements
۱- FTTH portable analyser for FTTx/PON systems, optimised for GPON architecture.
۲- Filtered measurements, individualized and simultaneous for the three wavelengths that are used in fibres (1490
۳- and 1550 nm for Downstream and 1310 nm for Upstream).
۴- Up to 10 groups of configurable threshold values: Maximum and minimum values per wavelength.
۵- High selectivity in measuring each wavelength.
۶- Relative measurement: Estimation of losses with respect to a
۷- configurable reference value.
۸- Expandable to channel analyser module in C-band.
۹- Attenuation test. Selective filters at three wavelengths.

Fibre Optics networks GPON are networks based on FTTX/PON technology, which provide speeds over 1 Gbps, using only passive elements. GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network): This is the technology used in most applications in which the optical fibre is passed up to the user (FTTH Fibre To The Home).The user has an ONT device (Optical Network Termination) that communicates with a device on the OLT (Optical Line Termination) network. This OLT transmits the Downstream signal permanently while responses of OTN users are pulsed.

Very intuitive graphical environment:
Fast display of measures on screen Graphical (bars) and numerical representation of power.Shows simultaneously the 3 wavelengths in the screen.Status LEDs: GREEN (within threshold values), RED (below threshold values) and ORANGE (above threshold values).
Simultaneous display of Upstream signal low and peak values. It allows the user to configure threshold values for each
wavelength It displays messages indicating the power over the threshold value (LOW, OK, HIGH).

Attenuation Test:

a quick way to certify the wiring Connect a pulse generator, such as the PROLITE-105, in the head-end and check the quality of reception for each wavelength at each network outlet with the PROLITE-77B.The PROLITE-105 can generate sequentially three pilots independently, without intervention of an operator: just a single person to check the whole system!

Easy to use, Plug and Play!
Just connect the fibre and read the results.Directionality at the measurement: It avoids confusion between OLT and ONT.
Pass-through ONT and OLT connection, allowing full communication while performing the measurements. Ambidextrous keyboard. Charge indicator on screen.Keyboard shortcuts to the most important functions.

Visual Fault Locator:

It quickly detects any problem Visible laser of 650 nm for the visual fault location in interconnections. Beam emission in continuous or pulse mode.LED laser in operation warning indicator.UNIVERSAL output laser connector.

Ideal for fieldwork
۱۳ cm screen (5 “) backlit and contrast adjustable.Silicone protective cover: protects the instrument and facilitates
holding it.Integrated slider covers keep input and output connectors from dust.Rechargeable, long operating time Li-Ion battery.
Carrying case with belt included.

Data management: Keep measurement
records of each installation It stores up to 100 records on the equipment memory. Each record comprises measures for 3 wavelengths: Date and time of acquisition, absolute measures, state regarding threshold, relatives measures.Data transfer to a computer via USB.
Unique software for data management supplied with the equipment.

Spectrum analyser in C-band
OP-077-S option Specially designed for ITU G692 channels separated by 100 GHz (0.8 nm) in C band (1529-1564 nm).

Low Battery screen Indicator Battery Charging
Mains Adapter AL-103
Li Ion (7.4 V – ۴٫۸ Ah)
Graphic indicator (four levels) By fast internal charger
۱۰۰ a 240 V AC/ 50-60 Hz / 12 V DC
Attenuation test
Triple band selective input Measurement range Complementary LASER source
۱۳۱۰ nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm
From -50 dBm to 20 dBm PROLITE-105
OP-077-S option Wavelength range Dynamic range
Input power per channel Bandwidth
Channel separation Sweep time
Absolute power accuracy Power repeatability Return loss
Operating temperature Storage temperature Fibre type
Optical analyser in C-band From 1529 nm to 1564 nm
From -50 dBm to +20 dBm
From -50 to +10 dBm
@۱ dB: ± ۰٫۱ nm / @20 dB:± ۰٫۷ nm 100 GHz
۲ s (full C band)
± ۱ dB max.
± ۰٫۱ dB max.
-۴۰ dB max.
From 0 to 50 ºC
From -40 to 85 ºC 9/125 mm SM
GPON/RFoG Measures
Operating Wavelength Range Double band ONT input (Up.)
OLT Input (Downstream) Insertion Loss (ONT-OLT) Polarization depending on loss Isolation
۱۳۳۰ nm ~ 1490/1550 nm 1490 nm ~ 1550 nm
Optical Connectors ONT, OLT Internal Fibre optic
Dynamic Range (dBm)
۱۳۱۰ ±۴۰ nm (GPON)
۱۶۲۵ ±۵۰ nm (RFoG)
۱۴۹۰ ±۱۰ nm and 1550 ±۱۰ nm
< 1.2 dB
< 0.2 dB
> 50 dB
> 50 dB SC/APC SMF-28E
-۳۵ to 20 (ONT), -55 to 20 (OLT)
Mechanical Features
Dimensions and weight
W. 160 x H. 230 x D. 50 mm / 1.4 kg
Fault locator LASER type Optical Power
Intensity Modulation Connector
FP, 650 nm
-۲ dBm (Mono Mode) / Class 2 1 Hz / 50%
Universal Receptacle 2.5 mm
Included Accessories
AL-103 AA-103 FD-90 CA-005
Mains Adapter
Car lighter charger Carrying bag Mains Cord
Battery, Instruction Manual

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